Understanding regulatory requirements and guidelines is critical for all involved in the air monitoring and reporting program. Global Analyzer offers a wide range of training programs designed to help personnel broaden their awareness of key concepts related to air monitoring programs, reporting, as well as the specific air regulation which govern them.

Through our unique offering of customized, facility specific training, individuals involved in air operations will benefit by gaining important insights into key aspects of the systems and regulations they follow. This empowers site personnel to better manage their quality system, and positively impact facility compliance with environmental requirements.


With their own Code of Practice, continuous emission monitoring systems (CEMS) need to be installed, operated and maintained following specific regulatory requirements. CEMS Training participants learn the fundamentals of government regulations, CEMS operations, data acquisition and auditing requirements. This training is essential for those that work with or manage CEMS data and equipment.

AMD Training

With the release of the new Air Monitoring Directive (AMD) in Alberta in 2016, changes to existing air monitoring and reporting programs continue to be made. In order to help facilities adjust to the evolving regulatory landscape, Global is pleased to provide in-depth AMD Training program designed to bring facilities up to speed with the new AMD, and help facility personnel meet their mandated requirements.

Chapter 9 (AMD) Reporting

With changes to how industry reports ambient air monitoring and emissions data taking effect January 1, 2019, it is important that all stakeholders understand their role and requirements. AMD Chapter 9 training is designed to provide a detailed overview of the recent reporting revisions under the new AMD. This clear, comprehensive seminar is a must for those who need to report air emission data within Alberta.

Source Emission Testing Training

Emission testing for compliance or verification purposes can be complex. Understanding how to setup and execute testing programs involving air monitoring and analysis involves a wide breadth of knowledge. Source Emission Testing Training reviews how stack emission testing and performance testing and verifications are conducted, serving to help those involved understand, manage and execute various emission testing programs.

Additional Services

Global offers custom training programs uniquely designed to your facility or company. These tailored training programs provide personnel with a precise comprehensive training solution leading to improvements in the overall efficiency and quality of your air monitoring and reporting programs. Please see our Services overview to see more on how Global can help meet your air monitoring and reporting needs.


The CEMS Experts

At Global, we understand there are no cookie-cutter solutions to quality air monitoring. Each of our systems are custom configured to work seamlessly with your existing equipment and comply with regulatory requirements. For more information on how Global can help ease your regulatory pains, please don’t hesitate to contact us any time.