Documentation Services

Global Analyzer Systems offers a variety of regulatory documentation packages specifically tailored to help ensure clients meet both provincial and federal regulations including the 1998 Alberta CEMS Code and Air Monitoring Directive (AMD) as well as Canada’s Environmental Protection Agency EPS 1/PG/7, or the United States EPA guidelines 40 CFR Part 60.

Monitoring Plans
Mandated by the 1998 Alberta CEMS Code and various other regulatory bodies, Global sets the industry standard for monitoring plans involving new and replacement CEMS. By utilizing Global’s expertise in outlining CEMS implementation and operations, we ensure facilities meet or exceed the Regulator’s requirements, and take the first step in building a solid foundation for their CEMS quality system. As part of this process, Global also handles any Supplemental Information Requests (SIR’s) that can arise throughout the monitoring plan approval process.
Certification Reports
Following CEMS certification testing, a comprehensive report is compiled and submitted to the appropriate regulatory agency. Global integrates all individual testing components outlined in the Conditioning Test Period (CTP) and Operational Test Period (OTP), and prepares all supporting documentation in one complete and detailed report to demonstrate that the CEMS complies with all applicable regulations.
Quality Assurance Plans
Global creates customized, easy to use Quality Assurance Plans (QAPs) based on each client’s specific Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act (EPEA) Approval requirements, emission source(s) and monitoring equipment. By providing only relevant information in a simplified manor, regulatory compliance may be achieved easier and the risk of not satisfying the obligations within the facility EPEA Approval can be significantly mitigated.
CEMS Quality Assurance Plans
A valid CEMS specific QAP which includes information vital to ensuring CEMS operations meets regulatory standards is required by the 1998 Alberta CEMS code and various other jurisdictions. As CEMS experts, we provide comprehensive QAPs to ensure your QA/QC program is of the highest quality. The purpose of a CEMS QAP is to outline the QA and QC activities which take place at the facility, along with the relevant performance specifications and criteria outlined within the 1998 CEMS Code.
AMD Quality Assurance Plans
Required by Chapter 5 of the Air Monitoring Directive 2016, an AMD QAP must be implemented to ensure that air monitoring and reporting data is consistent, of high quality, and defensible. Global works with clients and their ambient air monitoring contractors (when applicable) to develop and implement facility specific AMD QAPs to support and enhance facilities air monitoring and reporting programs.
EPEA Approval Amendments and Renewal Applications
Utilizing over 20 years of air monitoring and reporting expertise, Global offers consultation services and will aid in the development of applications for amendments and renewals of industrial approvals, under the Environmental Enhancement and Protection Act (EPEA).

Additional Services

Global provides a host of additional field, data acquisition, and documentation services to complement your air monitoring program. No matter what your needs, our experienced and professional staff are equipped to provide you with solutions to streamline your work flow and ensure regulatory compliance.  Please contact us for more information about how Global can help you achieve this.