Auditing and Evaluation Services

“Global Auditors have intimate knowledge of the Air Monitoring Directive, and provide an in-depth assessment of facility procedures and operations against the provincial regulations. In addition to providing detailed findings to facility management, the auditing team will provide unique insight into how to best meet these evolving provincial guidelines”.

CEMS Audits

Annual evaluation of a facility’s QA/QC program is mandated by the 1998 Alberta CEMS Code, and should be performed by a qualified individual independent of the activity to be audited. Global conducts a detailed assessment of current CEMS operations and functionality, providing a detailed report to facility management, in the interest of continuously improving the facility quality assurance program.

AMD Evaluations

At a minimum of every three years, evaluation of the facility air monitoring and reporting program by a qualified independent evaluator is required by the Alberta Air Monitoring Directive. Global AMD QAP evaluations report detailed findings to facility management, complete with recommendations for improvements to meet AMD 2016 Standards.

Additional Services

Global provides a wide variety of standard and custom documentation services. See our Regulatory Documentation Overview for more information, and please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your particular auditing and documentation needs!