Audits and Evaluations

Audits and Evaluations are an integral part of your air monitoring and reporting program. As THE experts in Western Canada for over 20 years, Global Analyzer is uniquely positioned to provide the most comprehensive program in evaluating and supporting facility quality systems in Canada.

With a dedicated team of uniquely qualified environmental professionals, the evaluation of your air monitoring and reporting program achieves more than just checking a box.

Our arsenal of CEMS Data Acquisition Specialists, Service Technicians, CEMS Online Reporting Specialists and qualified environmental professionals provide a network of comprehensive support you can trust to help enhance your facility quality system and achieve more than just meeting the minimum regulatory guidelines.

CEMS Audits

The annual evaluation of a facility’s CEMS QA/QC program is mandated by the Alberta CEMS Code as well as Environment Canada (1/EPS/PG/7), and should be performed by a qualified individual independent of the activity to be audited.

Our skilled CEMS experts will provide a detailed assessment of all aspects of CEMS operations and functionality, work with facility personnel to enhance and improve the facility quality system, and deliver a detailed report, working with facility personnel in the continuous improvement of your CEMS program.

AMD Evaluations

At a minimum of every three years, evaluation of the facility air monitoring and reporting program by a qualified independent evaluator is required by the Alberta Air Monitoring Directive (AMD, 2016). Global AMD evaluations examine all aspects of your air monitoring and reporting program, and provide you with the insight and understanding to improve the overall health of your quality system.

A detailed report is presented to facility management, and with a support team of qualified air industry experts, your facility will benefit from our expertise under a sustained service model, not just being left with ad hoc audit recommendations at the end of the process.

Additional Services

Global provides a wide variety of standard and custom documentation services. See our Regulatory Documentation Overview for more information, and please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your particular auditing and documentation needs!