Quality Data Submission, No Headaches

Global Analyzer Systems provides a wide variety of reporting services specific to regulatory requirements and your custom reporting needs. Using highly skilled and experienced personnel, Global ensures high quality workmanship when compiling reports whether simple or complex through expert data handling techniques. Global’s experience ranges from working with routine facility data to customized Method 4 missing data generation plans based on operational data parameter correlation.

Monthly CEMS Electronic Data Reporting (EDR)
In Alberta,  CEMS data be submitted to the regulatory bodies (Alberta Environment and the Alberta Energy Regulator) electronically. Global offers services including data consolidation and conversion to the appropriate format, data review and final data submission. These services include:

  • Remote data collection, downloading, and archiving (where applicable);
  • Data imports into Global reporting database;
  • Required interval data review (hourly/6-minute) for missing data, data anomalies, excess values, and data pertaining to specific events based on plant operations;
  • Summary email/discussions with facility personnel regarding review findings, data and operational questions, and data analysis;
  • Data editing (when required), Missing Data Generation (including qualifier 8 coding), and entry or modifications of required additional coding;
  • Data translation into the required format and manual MDF file review and
  • Data Review (QC) and submission to the Alberta Environment FTP site
Missing Data Generation
Global ensures the most appropriate data coding possible through careful examination and by working closely with onsite personnel. We have considerable experience in providing the appropriate Missing Data Generation calculations by applying the methods described in the CEM User Manual Version 2.0. Global is widely experienced in providing Method 4 Missing Data Generation plans based on an Operational Data Parameter Correlation using independent variables provided by facilities.

With Global you will have a guaranteed “Summary Success” result for every monthly data submission to Alberta Environment. If a “Summary Failure” occurs, Global will correct the deficiencies and re-submit at no additional charge.

Quarterly Reporting
As required by the 1998 Alberta CEMS Code, (6.2, Quality Assurance Reporting Requirements), a summary report of the performance evaluations that have been carried out in the quarter must be submitted to Alberta Environment or the AER. Global can prepare these reports for submission to the necessary regulatory body. Contents typically include:

  1. Relative Accuracy Test Audit (RATA) dates and results;
  2. Cylinder Gas Audit (CGA) dates and results and
  3. New CEMS Certification test reports.
Annual Air Reports
Global offers Annual Air Reporting services based on the needs of the facility. These reports consist of a variety of information based on the requirements dictated in the facility approval. Other custom reports can be designed around specific customer requirements.
Ambient Air Assessment
  • Review of ambient air exceedances, a 5 year comparison and frequency distribution tables for wind, SO2 and H2S;
  • Review of exposure stations including passive stations, any high volume sample results and
  • Review of Sulphur production activities.

Stack Emission and Source Assessment including:

  • Review of source testing – Stack Surveys/RATA’s conducted;
  • Reference to annual CEMS Audit as required by the CEMS Code 1998 and
  • Assessment of stack and source emissions relative to approval requirements

Inventory of SO2 Emissions

Inventory of NOx Emissions

Approval requirements as listed in Approval specifically for example:

  • Information related to the plant operation;
  • The performance of the air pollution control equipment
  • Air contaminant emissions

Two (2) printed hard copy reports delivered to customer and an emailed PDF copy for archives

Monthly Facility Air Reports
Global offers monthly facility air reports based on the needs of the facility. These reports may consist of CEMS emission results report or a tiered sulphur emissions report based on the requirements of your approval. Other custom reports can be designed around specific customer requirements. Option for monthly facility air reports may include:

  1. Cover Report and Written Summary;
  2. Monthly Air Monitoring Report Summary;
  3. Monthly Air Monitoring Summary;
  4. Continuous Ambient Monitoring Summary (when required) and
  5. Submission to required regulatory body.


Additional Reporting

Data reporting is performed for a variety of reasons, and Global Analyzer Systems is well equipped to provide ad-hoc or long term custom reporting whether required for regulatory conformance, internal review or otherwise. Please contact us to discuss your specific reporting needs.