At Global, we understand that navigating the complex world of air monitoring regulations is challenging. To help you find answers to common questions, we’ve collected a variety of links to commonly used resources.

In the future, we will be releasing a variety of informative publications, articles, and whitepapers to share how Global is contributing to the field of environmental science and the air monitoring industry. Feel free to bookmark this page or check back frequently for updates to the list of items provided below:

Helpful Links

Electronic Reporting of CEMS Information User Manual
Procedures to create, upload, verify, and submit the Monthly CEMS data to the Regulator.

1998 Alberta CEMS code
The code of established requirements for Continuous Emission Monitoring System in Alberta.

EPEA Approval Industrial Monitoring Documentation Submission Guideline
Naming standards and additional requirements to submit EPEA documents.

Air Monitoring Directive 2016 (AMD) & FAQs
Alberta Environment & Parks requirements for monitoring and reporting air quality in the province of Alberta

Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development – authorization viewer
View documents related to Alberta Environment water approvals, licenses, registrations, permits and certificates.

The Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act
The Alberta Government Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act.

CEMS online reporting industry sign-off
Electronically submit your CEMS results to Alberta Environment Sustainable Resource Development.

Alberta air emission standards for electricity generation
PDF Document that details emission standards for electricity producers.

EPS 1/PG/7 (Environment Canada)
Archived version of Protocols and Performance Specifications for Continuous Monitoring of Gaseous Emissions from Thermal Power Generation

40 CFR Part 60 – Appendix B
Appendix B to Part 60 – Performance Specifications

The CEMS Experts

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