Global Analyzer Systems has a variety of publications, articles, and other informative documents all pertaining to the products and services we offer, and various projects that our Research and Development team have been working on (such as PhoNO). We hope that these documents will provide both informative and relevant information in regards to everything we offer.

Over the coming weeks, we hope to add to this list of publications in order to share our industry knowledge and expertise so be sure to check back regularly!

Research and Development

WHITE PAPER: A Standalone Photolytic Converter for Chemiluminescence Analyzers to Measure Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2)

This white paper discusses the methods and results achieved during laboratory and field trials where Global Analyzer System’s PhoNO┬áhas been put to the test alongside industry-typical CRDS/CAPS analyzers and FRM heated metal molybdenum NO2 converters.

Other Resources

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