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Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) is a regulated criteria toxic gas (US-EPA)1 which is harmful to public health and the environment. Studies show that between 6 and 45% NO2 overestimation2 occurs, resulting from an inability to provide true NO2 measurement by existing CLD monitors. Accurate and reliable quantification of atmospheric trace gases are necessary for achieving two primary objectives:

  • Better understanding of the atmosphere’s chemical processes
  • Validation and development of more robust model prediction tools.

Global Analyzer is proud to introduce the first ever chemiluminescent analyzer patch for true NO2 This affordable standalone photolytic converter of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) to nitric oxide (NO) is a direct replacement for any thermal metal converter inside existing NOx analyzers.

This turn-key, 19” rack-mountable LED device for converting NO2 to NO is now commercially available for use with NO and ozone (O3) chemiluminescence detector (CLD) monitors, for the measurement of ‘true’ NO2

Features and benefits for the end user:

  • True NO2 measurement through easy integration with existing chemiluminescence NOX (No need for replacement of current analyzer or extensive training on new instrumentation).
  • Affordable alternative to buying direct NO2 measurement analyzers.
  • No over-reporting of NO2 concentrations, ensuring compliance and reducing potential of regulatory penalties.
  • Sample stack gases with ammonia (NH3) directly through your existing CLD without the need for costly consumable scrubbers.
  • Real-time conversion performance monitoring capabilities and improved instrument resolution resulting from world-class converter response time.
  • Global’s world-class technical and training support alongside a comprehensive service plan.

Features and benefits for the Regulator:

  • Quality assured NO2 data for emissions modelling and satellite data validation3, as well as assessing tropospheric ozone formation potential.
  • Credible NO2 data for further environmental research.
  • Improved NO2 concentration data to help meet data quality objectives of the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments (CAAA), Section 182(c)(1).

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