PhoNO – Take The Guesswork Out Of The Numbers with True NO2

Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) is a regulated criteria toxic gas (US-EPA)1 which is harmful to public health and the environment.  Stakeholders may be overestimating their Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) reporting by up to 45%., and Global understood we could improve on this.  Our Research and Development Team got to work and created a state-of-the-art solution from the ground up.

The PhoNO™ Advantage

  • 2 International Patents
  • Eliminate Erroneous NO2  Over-reporting
  • Interference -free Measurement
  • Greater than 96% Conversion Efficiency
  • Linear, Stable, Repeatable Conversion
  • Wide Range (0.5ppb – 200ppm tested)
  • Cost Effective
  • Fast Response Time
  • Simple (Tech Friendly) Installation
  • Direct Replacement for Molybdenum/SS Converters

Start Accurately Reporting Your NO2 With PhoNO™️

Features and benefits for the end user:

  • True NO2 measurement through easy integration with existing chemiluminescence NOX (No need for replacement of current analyzer or extensive training on new instrumentation).
  • Affordable alternative to buying direct NO2 measurement analyzers.
  • No over-reporting of NO2 concentrations, ensuring compliance and reducing potential of regulatory penalties.
  • Sample stack gases with ammonia (NH3) directly through your existing CLD without the need for costly consumable scrubbers.
  • Real-time conversion performance monitoring capabilities and improved instrument resolution resulting from world-class converter response time.
  • Global’s world-class technical and training support alongside a comprehensive service plan.

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Selected references:

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