Global DataStreamTM CEMS Reporting Software

The Global DataStreamTM, reporting suite, was developed as an intuitive full-service software package for CEMS reporting based on Alberta’s regulatory reporting requirements.  DataStreamTM allows for automatic and manual generation of daily data reports which can be sent to a specific printer, email distribution group, or copied to a specified network location.  DataStreamTM does not require applications to be running in order to perform data imports, calculate summary reports or print reports therefore this makes DataStreamTM more compatible with IT requirements and allows for a more reliable user-friendly experience.

DataStreamTM Key Features
  • Uses data overlay technology so original data is never modified
  • Automatic missing data generation (method 1, 2 and 3)
  • Automatic calculation of previous 30-day average for Method 3
  • Alberta CEMS online reporting MDF file export module
  • Alberta AMD Form (.xml) export modules
  • Email alarms and alerts from CEMS DAS recorded events to configurable distribution groups
  • The Global Configuration Manager allows users with specific access, to view and change the reporting configuration of the Global DataStreamTM CEMS Reporting System controlled by user permissions and/or Active Directory authentication
  • The Global Data Manager allows users with specific access to review and edit data as required based on user permissions and/or Active Directory authentication
  • Bulk data insert capabilities for data, status, Q8 and comments on reference number.
  • Copy/Paste to and from Microsoft Excel
Daily Data Reports
  • Daily reports display the CEMS most current calibration results and statuses, as well as trends for selectable parameters over chosen durations
  • Custom visual indictors (text/background colors and font styles) are used to increase operations personnel ability to identify any issues during daily sign-off
  • Ability to display daily and monthly uptime % on selectable parameters
Summary Data Reports
  • Multi-period calibration reports and charts can be generated at ease
  • Monthly summary Month of Hours reports
  • Monthly summary of aggregates reports
  • Multi-period trend reports
  • Multi-period Contravention reports
Annual Subscription License
An annual subscription license is required to use the DataStreamTM CEMS Reporting System. This license will provide the following features:


  • Program updates due to evolving regulations
  • Program enhancements (thanks in part to user feedback)
  • Reliability updates
  • Remote program support (from Global DAS Technicians)
  • Various modifications
  • Updates to AMD forms