Data Acquisition Systems (DAS)

A Data Acquisition and Control system (DAS) is the heart of today’s modern CEM System. It is one of the core components that create a successful monitoring system package. The data acquisition system is the bridge between raw analyzer outputs and quality assured reportable values.

The Global eICIS data acquisition systems are designed and configured to meet facility specific regulatory monitoring and reporting requirements while providing enhanced capabilities for operations and maintenance technicians. Using Modbus communication interfaces the Global eICIS DAS can also be configured to communicate real-time information to plant control systems allowing operations to have full instantaneous access to CEMS data.

Global works with customers to design a custom data acquisition solution that meets the needs and wants of facility operations, instrumentation/maintenance technicians, as well as environmental personnel.

eICIS DAS – Key Features

  • Approximately 1-Year worth of local data storage (1-Hour/1-Minute)
  • Excel data exports
  • Projected/Allowable Hourly Averages for Operations Personnel
  • Automatic scheduled PDF/email of daily data/calibration reports
  • Customizable automatic email alert for alarms to instrumentation personnel
  • Daily Automatic Calibration Span Response Time Trending
  • Automatic Operational Mode Code flagging
  • Integration with ambient Air Quality Monitoring Stations (AQM)
  • Full DAS Documentation Package
  • 24×7 Support

Simplicity is key to efficient operation and the Global eICIS one-click (HMI) trend generation makes sure that data is presented how you want to see it, when you want it. Easy access to the correct data makes learning the system easy and enables faster decision making by allowing you to focus on only the relevant data in day to day operations.