Beyond our first-class CEMS installations, Global Analyzer leads the industry with innovative solutions for capturing and reporting high quality air monitoring data. With breakthroughs in ‘true’ NO2 measurement, along with other new advancements in CEMS technologies and design on the horizon, Global is dedicated to pushing your air monitoring and reporting program to the cutting edge.

From data capture and retention, to validation and reporting, Global’s unique suite of products and services help provide comprehensive and tailored solutions from source to Regulator, ensuring the highest quality results.

Data Acquisition Systems (DAS)

Acting as the bridge between the raw outputs and quality assured data ready for regulatory submission, the DATA Acquisition and Control System (DAS is an integral component of any CEMS. The eICIS DAS serves as the brains to the CEMS’ brawn, and by incorporating it’s functionality into an existing CEMS or a brand new system, quality control over raw data becomes less cumbersome, and more of a tool in helping monitor emissions for compliance.

Please click here for more detailed information on our Global DAS, and how you can use the ‘Global Advantage’ to work for you.


The Global DataStream, reporting suite, was developed as an intuitive full-service software package for CEMS reporting based on Alberta’s regulatory reporting requirements.  DataStream allows for automatic and manual generation of daily data reports which can be sent to a specific printer, email distribution group, or copied to a specified network location.  DataStream does not require applications to be running in order to perform data imports, calculate summary reports or print reports therefore this makes DataStream more compatible with IT requirements and allows for a more reliable user-friendly experience.


Global has developed a turn-key, rack-mountable device for converting NO2 to NO. This state of the art converter is a direct replacement for any thermal metal converter inside a NOX analyzer, and provides a low-cost, stand-alone solution to measuring ‘true’ NO2, which until now has been a costly, complex addition to existing CEM systems.

Please see our PhoNo page for more information and a breakdown of how this ground-breaking advancement can help you meet your regulatory requirements.

The CEMS Experts

At Global, we understand there are no cookie-cutter solutions to quality air monitoring. Each of our systems are custom configured to work seamlessly with your existing equipment and comply with regulatory requirements. For more information on how Global can help ease your regulatory pains, please don’t hesitate to contact us any time.