Brian Rosentreter, P.Eng.


Brian is a Mechanical Engineer from the University of Calgary and a professional engineer with APEGA. He joined Global in 2003 and began his career working with Global’s founder, Glenn Sabo. Brian has been the President of Global since 2007. During his tenure he’s become a leading expert on CEMS regulatory compliance and instrumentation while driving company growth through customer service and innovation.

Brodie Biggar

Vice President

Brodie has over 15 years of industry experience with a background in Computer Information Technology. He has been with Global since 2006 and currently oversees Global’s Data Acquisition and Air Reporting Division’s. These divisions serve more than 40 sources with electronic CEMS Online reporting, facility air summary reports, quarterly reports, and performs support and maintenance for 65+ data acquisition systems throughout Alberta and BC.

Justin Raffin

Vice President, Operations

Justin began his career with Global in a research and development capacity in 2011, after completing an Applied Degree in Environmental Science. He has since focused on developing and assessing comprehensive air monitoring programs, quickly establishing himself as an expert Environmental Professional in the air industry. As Vice President of Operations, Justin continues to help drive Global’s reputation as leaders in CEMS production, service, and regulatory expertise in Canada.

Matt Nordstrom

Manager, Business Development

Matt is a graduate of Northern Alberta institute of Technology (NAIT) Instrumentation Engineering. Matt started in the environmental industry in 2000 and joined the Global team in 2010. Over the past ten years’ Matt has been instrumental to the growth of Global and provides technical support to colleagues and clients as needed. Matt is a expert on CEMS including: analyzer operation, data acquisition systems, and government regulations.

Graham Russell

Manager, CEMS Applications

Graham Russell graduated from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) with a diploma in Instrumentation Engineering Technology in 2009 and began his employment with Global in the fall 2009. In 2019, Graham took on the role of Department Manager, CEMS Applications at Global Analyzer Systems where his main focus within the company is to oversee both the service department and the design, engineering and project management of all new CEMS projects.

Pierce Baker

Manager, Regulatory Compliance

Pierce is a graduate from the University of Toronto with a double major in Chemistry and Environmental Sciences with a minor in Environmental Management. Pierce joined Global early 2016 and has been immersed all aspects of Regulatory Compliance. He has a comprehensive understanding of the Alberta CEMS Code, Alberta Stack Sampling Code, Alberta Air Monitoring Directive, and EPS 1/PG/7. Pierce is an expert in Monitoring Plans, Certification Reports, as well as CEMS and Air Monitoring Directive QAP’s.

Chris Levesque

Senior Regulatory Advisor, Audit Lead

Chris graduated from Mount Royal College with an Applied Degree in Industrial Ecology. He started at Global in 2015 and brought with him 11 years of experience where his previous roles included Source Testing Division Manager, Ambient Air Division Manager, Air Division General Manager and General Manager of the Petroleum Testing and Analysis Division. As Senior Regulatory Advisor, Chris is an expert in compliance auditing and regulatory documentation, helping facilities meet requirements in Alberta.

Rienzie Balkaran

Reporting Manager

Rienzie graduated from the University of West Indies with a Bachelor of Science and joined Global Analyzer Systems Ltd. in 2014 as a Data Analyst / Reporting Specialist. Rienzie is responsible for managing monthly electronic CEMS online reporting and facility monthly air reports, client specialty reporting such as predictive emissions for Method 4 requirements, tiered Sulphur Dioxide emissions reports (daily/hourly), Alberta Sour Gas Reports, SO2/NOx Monthly Summary Reports, Cylinder Gas Audit Reports and Quarterly CEMS Reporting.

Steve Dawson

Service Manager

Steve attended the College of the North Atlantic in Newfoundland where he studied Instrumentation Engineering Technology. After graduating, Steve worked at IEAS as an Instrumentation Technologist. As Service Manager Steve is responsible for training new hires as well as assisting his team of Service Technicians. When working in the field Steve conducts preventative maintenance, routine checks, RATA supervision, CGA’s and CEMS installations. Steve is also part of the CEMS construction team, which entails assisting with the build of new CEMS units which are to be installed on various sites.

Charles Odame-Ankrah, Ph.D.

Research Lead

Dr. Odame-Ankrah has a strong background as a chemist with a specialization in air monitoring instrument development using cutting edge technology based on Cavity Ring Down Spectroscopy, system automation using LabVIEW and has extensive research experience in ambient air pollution issues relating to nitrogen oxides and ozone. Since joining Global in 2015, he has established a robust Research and Development unit tasked with creating and/or enhancing existing measurement technologies to better serve the client base of Global and the general measurement/monitoring industry.

Kelly Pickerell

Product Development Manager

Since graduation from the University of Alberta in 1996, Kelly’s career has focused on the development of commercial electronics products. Kelly’s early experience taking new products from concept to mass production at leading high-tech corporations such as Northern Telecom and Nokia has enabled Kelly to quickly establish a comprehensive skill set as a product designer. Joining Global Analyzer in 2017 as Product Development Manager, Kelly is well positioned to leverage his solid foundation of skills in realizing Global’s goals to commercialize exciting, new products.

Chris Swainson

Software Development Specialist

Chris has a Bachelor of Science from The University of York. He joined Global Analyzer Systems in early 2017 in the R&D Department where he has worked on different projects including PhoNO™. He started his professional career coding in the R&D department of Xaar based in Cambridge, England and Stockholm, Sweden. In 2015 Chris emigrated via Canada’s skilled workers visa stream to Calgary where he joined the R&D team of Zephyr Technologies, a startup making a patented healthcare system, as their principal software developer.

Amanda Tong

Marketing Lead

Amanda graduated from SAIT with a diploma in Marketing. She has over 15 years of Marketing experience including one independent graphic design firm and three publicly traded oil and gas service companies. With a focus on corporate and brand identity Amanda specializes in increasing brand awareness and developing strong corporate marketing strategies. Amanda joined Global in January 2020 as the Marketing Lead and is working closely with both the core business group as well as the research and development team.

Brian Whiffen-Peters

CEMS Applications Specialist - DAS Lead

Brian is a graduate of the Computer Information Systems program at Mount Royal University where he learned skills in programming, database architecture and querying, networking, and acquired a minor in business. Brian joined Global in March 2017 as a CEMS Data Acquisition Specialist. In this role, Brian develops, configures and tests CEMS Data Acquisition Systems (DAS). In addition to this, Brian installs and commissions DAS equipment as well as performs systems checkups and fields client trouble calls when they arise. Brian also helps manage the IT infrastructure at Global, and any IT related issues that arise.

Trent Davis

CEMS Applications Specialist - DAS

Trenton began at Global in 2015 to assist with CEMS fabrication as a CEMS Service Technician. Trenton worked in the field to perform preventative maintenance, routine checks, RATA supervision, CGA’s, and new CEMS Certifications while continuing his role in the fabrication and QC’ing of new CEMS projects. He then transitioned into his role as DAS Lead where his experience at Global added another perspective to the department while assisting in new DAS projects and regular client support.

Adam Smith


Adam has a Bachelor of Applied Business Administration in Accounting from Mount Royal University. Adam has 10 years of experience as an accountant working in entrepreneurial, small, and medium sized companies in a variety of industries including digital advertising, aerospace and defense, oil and gas engineering, and real estate. To his role as Accountant for Global Analyzer Systems, he brings extensive expertise in full cycle accounting, financial analysis, as well as accounting policy and procedure creation and implementation.

Jerzy Samborski

Regulatory Compliance Specialist

Jerzy joined Global Analyzer Systems in 2012 as a Data Analyst / Reporting Specialist and is responsible for monthly electronic CEMS online reporting and facility monthly air reports. Jerzy manages client specialty reporting such as tiered Sulphur Dioxide emissions reports (daily/hourly), Alberta Sour Gas Reports, SO2/NOx Monthly Summary Reports, and Quarterly CEMS Reporting. He has been able to identify numerous issues in CEMS data to assist clients in maximizing the performance of their onsite Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS) while minimizing downtime.

Breanne Gordulic

Regulatory Compliance Specialist

Breanne has worked in the upstream oil and gas industry since 2010. She holds a degree in Biological Sciences from the University of Alberta, is an ABSA certified 4th Class Power Engineer, and a member of the Alberta Society of Professional Biologists. Working on-site at SAGD facilities in Alberta she has gained experience in environmental monitoring, AER Directive compliance, EPEA approval applications and compliance, and conservation and reclamation. Breanne joined Global in 2019 as Regulatory Compliance Specialist.

Angela Webster

Regulatory Compliance Specialist

Angela graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of New Brunswick. She has previous experience with Ambient Air Quality and Source Emission reporting procedures. In 2009 Angela began working with Global and has been involved with the Reporting Department as a Data Analyst/Reporting Specialist, as well as the Regulatory Compliance Department as a Regulatory Compliance Specialist. Recently she has expanded her role to include Annual Industrial Air Reporting and the Alberta Annual Emissions Inventory Reporting program.

Nitin Monteiro

Regulatory Compliance Specialist

Nitin graduated from Royal Roads University with a Bachelor of Environmental Science Degree and holds a Diploma in Environmental Technology from Fanshawe College. He has over 9 years of industry experience in Source Emission and Ambient Air Monitoring. He began employment with Global in 2019 as a Regulatory Compliance Specialist and has a comprehensive understanding of the Air Monitoring Directive, the Alberta CEMS Code, the US EPA and Alberta Stack Sampling Codes.

Darcy Hilts

CEMS Applications Specialist

Darcy is a Red Seal Journeyman Electrician in Instrumentation and Electrical. He has 15 years of experience in the oil and gas sector and since starting with Global his responsibilities include conducting preventative maintenance, in house analyzer repairs, routine checks, RATA supervision, CGA’s and CEMS installations for Global clients. Darcy is also part of the CEMS Systems Team, which entails assisting with the build of new CEMS units. Darcy is on track to have in instrumentation apprenticeship hours competed before the end of the year.

Wade Keyte

CEMS Applications Specialist

Wade joined Global Analyzer Systems in 2019 as a 1st year instrument apprentice. Wade spent 7 years as an operator at Shell’s Residual Hydro Conversion Pilot Plant in Calgary. He was responsible for the day to day operations of one of the most advanced pilot facilities in North America which included performing maintenance, calibrations and installation of different instruments to ensure high performance of the facility. Wade became the lead operator at the facility where his responsibilities included permit writing, budget management as well as being the on call operator in the event of upset conditions.

Twyla Bodio

Administrative Assistant

Twyla graduated from the business program at Mount Royal University with a major in accounting. While in school, she worked with First Calgary Financial Credit Union as a teller and eventually moved up to the corporate accounting department, learning full cycle accounting duties. She went onto work as an accountant in a different industry at DIRTT Environmental Solutions before becoming an administrator at Dexter Axle where she handled the procurement, administration, customer service, and shipping day-to-day. Twyla began at Global in January of 2020.