Compliance…. from project inception to data submission.

As required by the 1998 Alberta CEMS Code, it must be demonstrated within 6 months of a new or replacement CEMS installation, that the system meets or exceed the strict design and performance specifications provided throughout the Code. The following provides a brief outline as to what is carried out as part of our certification testing supervision, (typically during the operational test period) which are intended to be conducted under typical day to day operations of the facility:

Monitoring Plan
Required to be submitted to the Regulator a minimum of 60 days prior to installation/commissioning of a new (or replacement) CEMS, a CEMS Monitoring plan outlines the details pertaining to the installation, operation, and evaluation of the CEMS.
Daily Zero/Span Drift Tests
Conducted at approximately 24 hour intervals for seven consecutive days on the analyzer, temperature and differential pressure transmitters, calibration drift tests are performed at two ranges (low: 0-20% full scale; high: 80-100% full scale).
Cylinder Gas Audit (CGA) & Response Time Testing
Ensuring the analyzer meets linearity requirements is a condition of certification of a CEMS. Global staff conducts the CGA and response time testing to ensure the analyzer meets performance criteria listed in the CEMS Code, and provides a customized report as part of the over-arching certification report, required within 6 months of installing the new unit.
– Relative Accuracy Test Audits
– Bias Determination
– Stratification Testing
– Cyclonic Flow Testing
As stated by the 1998 CEMS Code, the relative accuracy test audit may be conducted either during the operational test period, or during the 168 hour period immediately following the operational test period.

Global staff remains on-site during the performance of this testing, to ensure requirements are successfully met, and third party contractors closely follow the required protocols.

Certification Report
As mentioned, it must be demonstrated within 6 months of the installation/commissioning of a CEMS that the system meets or exceeds design and performance specifications provided in the CEMS Code.

Global compiles all the required information, and provides a comprehensive certification report so that normal operations may commence, and quality assured data may be submitted to the Regulator.