Global Analyzer Systems provides custom maintenance programs and on-site CEMS services. With premium on-site services from Global CEMS owners experience a reduction in equipment downtime, higher standard of reliability, increased system confidence, and decreased frequency of equipment repairs.

In the event of an emergency, Global easily handles any situation. No matter the circumstances we can keep you in compliance.

Global Analyzer Systems Limited offers complete maintenance programs, custom designed for your system and source. Our programs include bi-monthly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual preventative maintenance services.

Global on-site services are designed to meet or exceed the needs of your CEMS Quality Assurance Plan and all other Regulatory requirements.

On-site Inspection and Maintenance Activities

Complete inspection and maintenance services from Global ensure equipment is continually in operating condition.

  • Routine system inspection and calibration services
  • Probe/Pitot inspection and cleaning
  • Scrubber/desiccant replacement
  • Analyzer maintenance and calibration
  • Transmitter maintenance and calibration

  • Filter changes
  • System leak checks
  • Parts replacement or upgrades
  • Data Acquisition System Evaluations
  • Filing of CEMS Quality Assurance Plan paperwork and documentation

Additional Services

Global provides a host of additional services including an extensive array of regulatory documentation like Quality Assurance Plans, Auditing and Evaluation, CEMS Certification Programs and Air Reporting.

No matter what your needs, our experienced and professional field staff is equipped to provide you with solutions to streamline your work flow and ensure regulatory compliance. Please contact us for more information about how Global can help you achieve this!

The CEMS Experts

At Global, we understand there are no cookie-cutter solutions to quality air monitoring. Each of our systems are custom configured to work seamlessly with your existing equipment and comply with regulatory requirements. For more information on how Global can help ease your regulatory pains, please don’t hesitate to contact us any time.