Cylinder Gas Audits (Linearity Tests) are a type of required performance evaluation for CEMS outlined in EPS 1/PG/7 (Environment Canada) as well as the 1998 Alberta CEMS Code. It requires testing the linearity at multiple points within the full scale range of the analyzer to ensure the analyzer reads within a specific threshold at all points, thereby qualifying the data to which an analyzer provides.

Prior to performance of these evaluations, Global will perform system checks to ensure all temperatures, pressures and flows are at nominal values. Once deemed acceptable, the Global Technician on site will then challenge the CEMS with protocol gases at the required percentage of full scale to determine the linearity of the analyzer being tested, and compare these values against the pertinent specifications or requirements.

A customized report will be provided to facility management, and may be retained or submitted depending upon the requirements outlined in the pertinent Codes or Regulations which require these tests.