Extractive Dilution Technology

The Global Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS) utilizes extractive dilution sampling technology. A sample is extracted from the stack at a low, controlled flow rate, and mixed with a diluent gas (typically instrument air) at a relatively higher, known flow rate. This reduces the sample dew point sufficiently to require only freeze protection on the sample transport line.

The diluted sample is conveyed to the analyzer rack at ground level where the gas concentration is determined using an ambient range continuous gas analyzer. The output of the analyzer is then scaled by the dilution ratio to represent the actual gas concentration. The success of this type of CEM System is attributed to the stability of the dilution system using a proprietary critical orifice and eductor in conjunction with the high accuracy of today’s ambient air range analyzers.

Most common monitoring modules include (but are not limited to): Temperature, volumetric flow rate and the concentration and mass emission rates of the following gases: SO2, NOX, Total Reduced Sulphur (TRS), CO, CO2, and O2. Each Global CEMS is capable of monitoring more than 10 species from a single sample acquisition point.

Integrated Flow Monitor

Global CEMS come complete with a flow monitoring module. This module consists of S-type Pitot tubes and a type K thermocouple combined with differential pressure and temperature transmitters. The system is configured to perform regular back purges on the Pitot tubes keeping them free and clear of any debris from within the sample stream.

Complete CEMS Configurations

Global Analyzer Systems offers Complete Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems and individual CEMS components fully configured to interface with your existing systems.

Global’s complete systems are assembled and configured by a staff of highly trained technicians then stringently tested to provide you with a turn key testing platform. All Global CEMS are designed to meet existing Alberta CEMS Code requirements and expand to meet new requirements as necessary.

  • SO2 / NOX / CO / CO2 / THC / TRS / O2 analyzers
  • Volumetric flow rate and velocity monitoring
  • Mass emission rate
  • DAS (Data Acquisition and Control Systems)

Every Global Complete CEMS also includes

  • Installation and Commissioning
  • Assistance with all required notifications and documentation

We understand there are no cookie-cutter solutions to quality air monitoring. With each application we apply our vast industry experience to ensure that installation and commissioning are completed according to all appropriate regulatory and safety standards. We also assist you in all additional CEMS regulatory requirements – with Global you have a partner, not just a supplier.

CEMS Components

Need a specific CEMS component?   Global Analyzer Systems will supply and install it with the same attention to quality and detail as with our complete Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems. Whether to replace aging equipment or add new capabilities to your monitoring equipment we can assist you in implementing the following:

  • SO2 / NOX / CO / CO2 / THC / TRS / O2 analyzers
  • Opacity monitors
  • Sample transport lines / sample umbilical
  • Sample handling systems
  • Custom calibration subsystems
  • Scrubbers / desiccants
  • Sample Conditioning Units (SCU)
  • Custom CEMS shelters
  • Sample probes
  • Pitot tubes c/w wind tunnel testing
  • Stack temperature sensors
  • Volumetric flow rate and velocity monitors
  • DAS (Data Acquisition and Control Systems)

Commitment to Quality

At Global we understand there are no cookie-cutter solutions to quality air monitoring. Each of our systems are custom configured to work seamlessly with your existing equipment and comply with regulatory requirements. For more information on how we can assist you please give us a call.