Mobile CEMS

The Global Mobile CEMS is designed to meet facility specific regulatory monitoring and reporting requirements while providing the flexibility and portability required for emergency situations. The system is designed to be autonomous after installation, and can be operated remotely to minimize labour costs. Using digital communication interfaces the Global eICIS DAS can be configured to communicate real-time information to plant control systems allowing facility engineers, operations and environmental staff to have instantaneous access to CEMS data.

Multiple Configurations. Custom Solutions

The potential uses of are virtually endless in situations that don’t warrant purchase and installation of permanent systems.  Global draws on years of experience to build and implement custom turnkey solutions to meet client needs.  Whatever your requirements, give us a call to discuss your options.

Emergency backup CEMS

 The Mobile CEMS can be deployed rapidly as a temporary replacement for malfunctioning onsite equipment to maintain CEMS uptime requirements.

Sulphur Recovery Unit (SRU) optimization
and fuel gas reduction programs

The Mobile CEMS is easily configured to continuously monitor Total Reduced Sulphur (TRS), SO2, CO, O2 temperature and flow rate for SRU optimization and incinerator fuel gas reduction programs (Stack top temperature reduction programs).

Source baseline emission determination

Time share sampling equipment allows for same time multiple source monitoring. This is an efficient and cost effective method for determining baseline emissions, as required under the BLIERS regulations.

Predictive emission monitoring systems (PEMS)

The Mobile CEMS can be deployed to collect emission and process data to develop a PEMS model. Once the model is in use, the Mobile CEMS can be used to update or validate the facility PEMS as per US EPA PS-16.

Process equipment performance testing

Temporary installation of the Mobile CEMS provides process engineers with the ability to collect emission data over several days and months, in order to determine optimal operating practices for their facilities.

Turbine emission mapping
The Mobile CEMS can be configured to continuously measure common emission data to gain accurate measurements during Turbine Emission Mapping procedures. To assist mapping technicians, the Mobile CEMS can be made available online in real time using password secured website access.