Health and Safety Policy

Global Analyzer Systems Limited (Global) is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment by striving to eliminate or minimize the hazards that can cause accidents and injuries. Global firmly supports the view that knowledge is responsibility. Any employee who recognizes a situation which could jeopardize his/her health and/or safety or that of a co-worker has the responsibility to take steps to rectify the situation.

Global, with the co-operation and involvement of its employees and subcontractors, will promote effective procedures, education and training with the goal of reducing incidents and improving safety performance. It is the responsibility of all employees to assess the risks inherent in all operations and to manage these risks with the intent to prevent the occurrence of occupational injuries and illness. Employees are expected to work in a manner which safeguards themselves, co-workers and visitors.

Safety Compliance

Global obtained their Certificate of Recognition (COR) accreditation in 2015 through ENFORM. Their safety program is evaluated once every three years, and audited internally every year to ensure quality and consistency.

Global is also in good standing with ComplyWorks, ISNetworld and Avetta (Formerly PICS), which allows our clients transparency into our Health and Safety Management System.